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The biography of Mark Twain Alex Frieden 1) Introduction a) Samuel Langhorne Clemens b) Lauded author c) Etc. .. 2) Early Life a) Where and when he was born: ( November 30 , 1835 April 21 , 1910 ) Florida, Missouri b) Where did he grow up: Hannibal, Missouri c) Who his Family was: John and Jane Clemens 3) Life and times: a) Lost 3 out of 4 children and wife Olivia Langdon, before death 1910 b) Made friend Henry H. Rodgers c) Became Educated? 4) Careers a) Printing: First became a prolific reader b) Mining: Not successful c) Steamboat piloting: His true passion d) Militia man e) Writing: Final Career (most famous fro it)
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Books a) Pen names: i) Mark twain ii) Sieur Louis de Conte b) Summary of his greatest works i) Tom sawyer ii) Huckleberry Finn iii) Etc. ...(Mention a few more titles) c) Public reaction i) Controversial language and content ii) Popularity 6) Later life a) Death b) Life after Death i) Museums ii) Memorials iii) Etc. ..etc. .. 7) Conclusion
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