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1Emma Robinson PS104 Section Homework 10-02-07 1. Zaller and Feldman argue that the response instability and response effects of public opinion surveys can be attributed to three axioms: 1) The ambivalence axiom 2) The response axiom, and 3)The accessibility axiom. In summation, these axioms claim that people are likely to have many considerations (on both sides) of an issue and that it is both the way in which the questions are presented and how accessible certain information about a particular issue is in their head at that time, that influence the way they answer the question. 2. Former researchers claimed that response instability could be attributed to lack of any meaningful belief/opinion on the subject and/or a measurement error (stemming from the difficulty of the respondent to be able to fully express their opinion using vague survey language). In contrast, Zaller and Feldman found that Hochsild’s study validated their belief that “individuals possess multiple and often conflicting opinions toward important
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