final - CDES 102 Study Guide for the Final Spring 2007 1...

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CDES 102 – Study Guide for the Final Spring 2007 1. You should be able to explain what feedback is in the communication model. Message sent from receiver to the source 2. You should be able to recognize the reasons that a communication strategy is required, and to  identify things that do not belong on that list. o We can’t not communicate o When we choose to communicate, we can’t completely control the audience o The context, which includes both meanings and noise, is mostly a given o In designing communication, we need to Control those factors that we can Take account of those factors that we cannot control 3. You should be able to explain how John Heskett defines the “essence” of design. The human capacity to shape and make our environment to serve our needs and give meaning to life. 4. You should be able to recognize the meanings of designing for “utility,” as opposed to  designing for significance. Utility i. Intuitively understandable ii. Perfectly suited for its use iii. Physically or mechanically appropriate Significance iv. Conveying meanings or cues v. Using symbols and icons to convey ideas Culturally appropriate (does not apply to utility) 5. You should be able to explain the combination of human traits that John Heskett believes is  the source of human design capability. Human hand allied with senses and abstraction
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final - CDES 102 Study Guide for the Final Spring 2007 1...

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