detroit - 1 Freddie Dorgler INTD 105 Professor Rogalsky The...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon> <> the Stanley Cup <> /> c/PHO/930026~The-Palace-at-Auburn-Hills-2004-NBA-Championship-Celebration-Photofile-Posters.jpg> tp://> 1 Freddie Dorgler INTD 105 Professor Rogalsky The sporting businesses of Detroit have been ever changing along with the rise and decline of the city . New stadiums have dotted the city only to be demolished to make way for newer, more improved ones . Though Detroit is one the poorest major cities in the United States, it still needs to keep up its image and help provide pride in the residents of Detroit . The city has survived through the questionable rule of Coleman Young, unemployment on a mass scale, and ridiculous race relations . It is always a lot easier to suffer through tragedies when there is someone or something to relate to and know they will not let you down . People find these temporary escapes within sporting teams and the entertainment around them . With the help of these in a time of crisis, a city and its people can grow as a community . Detroit is home to four major sports teams; the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings . Each team is highly competitive in their respected leagues and in the last decade have been one of the more successful cities in sports . The Detroit Pistons won their 3 rd NBA championship in 2004 . (Detroit Pistons History, 2007) The Detroit Red Wings have won 10 NHL championships, more than any other team in the NHL . The Red Wings won a Stanley Cup in 1997, 1998 and again in 2002 . (Detroit Red Wings - History, 2007) The Tigers, although not too successful in recent past, clinched the American League Pennant last year and lost in the World Series to the Cardinals . They bounced back in recent years after finishing as the second worst team in the majors in 2003 . (Sports Reference Inc., 2007) The Lions, the least successful of the four teams,
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2 have not even been in reach of the playoffs since 2002 . However, they are one of the most heavily fan based football teams in the entire league, which says a lot about a declining team . (Detroit Lions Site - A Brief History of the Lions, 2000) The Tigers, professional baseball team, was founded in 1901, but did not move into Tiger Stadium until 1912 . The Tigers are one of the eight founding teams of Major League Baseball and throughout their history have been the face name of Detroit . Baseball became a big sport during the Great Depression, which hit relatively hard in Detroit . Baseball was cheap to play, fun no matter what age it was being played at, and didn’t require any expensive
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detroit - 1 Freddie Dorgler INTD 105 Professor Rogalsky The...

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