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exam - History 123A FINAL EXAMINATION Time 3 hours Answer...

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History 123A December 14 2005 FINAL EXAMINATION Time: 3 hours. Answer one question from each section. Be sure to number your answers clearly. You may refer to the books and notes from this class. Section A 1. Do the changes in the art of war in Europe in the 17 th -18 th centuries constitute a “military revolution”? What do you understand by this term? What were its implications for the development of the state in this period? 2. How important were dynastic factors in determining the conduct of international relations in the period covered by this course? 3. Using examples from several different states over the entire period covered by this course, examine what factors determined the ability of states to mobilise and project power. Why were some states more successful at this than others? Section B 4. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of the three great powers of eastern Europe (Habsburg Austria, Prussia, Russia) in the period from 1683 to 1792. 5.
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