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phia Skyline e Hall m/images/maps/us/pa/philadelphia_overall/philadelphia_overall.gif Freddie Dorgler INTD . 105 Professor Rogalsky Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love Major cities in general have been decreasing over the last few decades, mainly throughout the northeast portion of the country. People are moving out of the cities into the suburbs due to the increased ease in transportation in and out of their city. People are also moving out to the West and Midwest in hope of a better life in a suburban-like area. The cost of living has gone up in cities, but most salaries have not kept up with the steep increase. Taxes have gone up as well because there are so few people to pay for the development of the city that instead of more people paying less each, a smaller population will need to pay more. Cities are just becoming too expensive to live in. Older, East Coast cities are forced to grapple with a host of problems younger cities don't have, including older, less attractive housing, and aging sewers, streets and schools (Swift, 2002). Philadelphia is one of these eastern cities that has been the victim of a recent decline. Philadelphia is a historic American city located in southeastern Pennsylvania . It is one of the largest cities in the entire country and the world . One of the early capitals of the United States, Philadelphia was a landmark city for the beginning of this country . Some of the most important events in American history have taken place in this city . However, like Detroit, this once great flourishing American city had been in a steady decline for quite some time and is now
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in the process of a “rebirth” . This newly found renaissance has turned the city around and is bringing it back to the great city that Philadelphia has always been . The population of Philadelphia has been steadily decreasing over the past two decades . A large reason for the decline of the city is the amount of crime and murder that takes place there . Among the nation’s ten highest populated cities last year, Philadelphia had the highest murder rate (Reports, 1998) . The 406 murders that occurred last year was a 7 .7 percent jump from 2005. Property crime, which includes motor vehicle theft, burglary, and larceny, decreased by 2 .9 percent nationally last year. These property crimes actually increased 3 .6 percent in Philadelphia (Maykuth, 2007). As a current resident of Philadelphia, Susan tells everyone how she feels living in the city . “I keep a gun in my home, because I've been broken into a couple of times, including once when I was in the house…but ... it's hard to get the attention of police. You've gotta be raped or killed before they're going to investigate it" (Fine, 1999) . Not only does this give the city a bad reputation, but the police force as well . The Philadelphia police force currently contains 6,600 officers and 405
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philadelphia - Freddie Dorgler INTD 105 Professor Rogalsky...

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