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Philosophy Review

Philosophy Review - Philosophy Review Identifications...

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Philosophy Review Identifications – - Kant’s categorical imperative – Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will it to be universal law. - Ren – The Confucian concept of humanity or humaneness. This describes the whole character of a person. - Gadfly – Socrates uses this analogy for himself in respect to the fact that he pesters the Athenian establishment into considering matters of virtue. - Oracle at Delphi – Location where Pythia revealed to Socrates that he was the wisest man in the world. It is dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. - Normative activity – Normative statements describe activities in regards to the manner in which they ought to be performed, not necessarily how they are performed. - The Laws of Athens – In the Crito, Socrates states that the laws of Athens should not be broken because the state is like a parent to its children. Also, one should not disobey the laws because living in a voluntary state is an agreement to adhere to their laws. - The generic meaning of “philosophy” – The word philosophy comes from the Greek and literally means the love of knowledge. - Wuwei – Wuwei is a Daoist tenet that signifies effortless action. It is achieved through proper alignment with nature and the world around you.
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