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College comp paper #2 - choice of chocolate cake may end...

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Scott, Sean Intro to Thesaurus 9/6/05 An exceptional meal to me is something quite distinctive. Standing out from an every night dinner it must include some superior entrees. Fuming through my nose are the zesty smells of the queso cooking. Satisfied with the outlook of the meal, I will then begin to engorge myself with the heavenly tastes and reputable aromas of my Mexican delight. After the blue ribbon meal, I will endure to enjoy a dessert of some sort. The
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Unformatted text preview: choice of chocolate cake may end the meal beautifully. Munching on some ice cream beside the cake shall be scrumptious. Although I may feel satisfied now, I might begin to feel sick as the night goes on from overeating. Sitting back and relaxing, I feel presumptuous that another meal of this caliber will come again....
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