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Alex Haddad 11/06/07 Media-Centered Perspective - Scrubs 1. Preferred Reading Scrubs starts with J.D. and Elliot about to kiss, but Elliot pulls away at the last second. They agree that the only reason they almost kissed was because of the big decisions ahead of them. Later that day Elliot’s fiancé, Keith, stops by to say hi. Elliot realizes that she wishes Keith would have caught J.D. and her because she does not want to marry Keith. Then the screen flashes to Elliot telling this story to Carla and Turk because it happened earlier in the week. Elliot explains to Carla and Turk the only reason she was going to go through with the marriage was because she wanted to be married. The couple is very surprised. After Turk explains his dilemma of only being allowed one candy bar a month due to his diabetes the show switches back to the hospital. There Dr. Cox cannot seem to get any peace while he eats his meal. At that table Elliot discusses more of her problems with Keith. She realizes that she has to tell him before it is too late. Elliot explains her problems to Keith and hands him the ring, as the entire hospital watches on. He is visibly upset, but right next to him Snoop Dogg attending confesses his love to Josephine. After a long week at work J.D. comes home to his pregnant fiancé Kim and feels like things are going okay now. J.D. goes to a flashback of one week earlier so he can explain how everything seemed to finally correct itself. At work Keith is treating Elliot badly and calling her a “pig whore”. J.D. is still really upset with himself for almost screwing things up with Kim. Dr. Cox has a new patient Mr. Hutnick. Carla has to explain to Elliot that Keith is not going to treat her very nicely at work. Elliot cannot take it though and decides she needs to talk with Keith. J.D. is also getting advice from Turk.
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Turk explains to him that he almost screwed things up with Kim because he got Kim pregnant on the first date then she betrayed him. Turk tells J.D. that even though he may not have strong feelings for Kim he still needs to be there for the baby. Dr. Cox thinks he knows what is wrong with his new patient, lime disease. Dr. Cox is very fond of his new patient because of how nice he is. Elliot goes to see Keith when he is packing up his stuff even though she said she would not be there. She only makes things worse by trying to joke about walking out on him. In the meantime, J.D. is trying to figure out what is wrong with him. He feels like he just likes to sabotage his own life. J.D. decides he is not going to do this to himself anymore, but he ends up doing it by claiming the janitor is fibbing about having a girlfriend. Turk continues with his struggle to find the perfect candy bar. Turk explains this story to Mr. Hutnick, but Turk also has to tell Mr. Hutnick
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SPCM Essay - Alex Haddad Media-Centered Perspective Scrubs...

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