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Universal Theories Essay

Universal Theories Essay - Alex Haddad PL103 Racism and...

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Alex Haddad PL103 11/15/07 Racism and Affirmative Action Barabara Grutter v. The University of Michigan Law School is a case that dealt with a system that rewarded minorities in the application process (Boss, 2005, p556). This case made a lot of people wonder if it is right to give minorities the edge when applying for jobs and college applicants. Is affirmative action fair to the majority, or do the minorities deserve this to be repaid for all of the injustices done to them in the past? The Supreme Court decided that race could be used as a criterion on applications, but reviewers could not have a point system that rewarded the minorities. If Kant were to look at this social problem from the C.I. 1 perspective he would disagree. C.I. 1 states that rules that apply to you apply to everyone. If we were trying to be impartial it would be illogical to favor one race over the other. There would not be this problem of inequality if we used a system that wanted to treat everyone the same way.
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