Hot Zones - Alex Haddad 12:30-1:45 SOC 105 826-227-592 Hot...

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12:30-1:45 SOC 105 826-227-592 Hot Zones Developing countries sometimes create environments that are breeding grounds for diseases. Cholera is one disease that is caused by human waste contaminating the water supply. Cholera can cause a lot of problems for young children that are difficult to cure in small villages. This is a problem that rarely exists in developed countries. The diseases that many mosquitoes carry also contribute to the spread of disease in developing countries. The misuse of the environment creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The two major problems I am going to focus on are water contamination and land degradation in developing countries. I will also provide solutions for each one of these problems. Cholera is a very serious problem in communities that struggle with water contamination. According to Hot Zones cholera can be a very deadly childhood disease. Cholera can easily be prevented by the use of good sanitation. The problem is a lot of these small countries are not educated about the dangers of cholera. The people in these areas do not have a quality healthcare system. Prenatal and postnatal care is one way to insure health for a population, and a lot of developing countries do not have this kind of care (Bradshaw, Healey, Smith, 2001, 496). Diseases plague these countries, but the countries with fewer health problems are getting the best treatment. Lima, in the past, has been declared a hot zone because of cholera outbreaks. Travelers carry these diseases unknowingly into major cities where things like cholera can spread easily. Cholera has plagued a lot of developing countries. We have sent doctors to these areas to
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Hot Zones - Alex Haddad 12:30-1:45 SOC 105 826-227-592 Hot...

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