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News Assessment - ashaddad 826-227-592 Recitation#3 Paul...

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ashaddad 826-227-592 Recitation #3 Paul Ronto News Values Assessment
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“Gasoline’s price spike has only just begun” March 10, 2008 This article explains how the recently high gas prices are only going to increase. They said this is due to many things changing in the refineries. They expect these prices to affect travel this summer. Gas prices affect everyone. Psychological Proximity and Physical proximity are prominent news values in this story. Psychological proximity is important in this story because gas prices affect the behavior of everyone in the United States. Physical proximity is also important because the prices fluctuate in different areas. Psychological Proximity is apparent because of how gas prices change our lives. Gas is the focus of American life. The price increase in gas causes people to be worrisome about their financial well-being. People will read this article and wonder how much the increase in gas prices will affect their summer plans. The price changes occurring now change consumers demand. A flat demand curve shows how these price changes will have little affect on the amount of people who buy gas.
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News Assessment - ashaddad 826-227-592 Recitation#3 Paul...

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