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Arizona Tourist Paper - Day 1 Sun Apr 1 2007 Arrival at Sky...

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Day 1 Sun., Apr 1, 2007 Arrival at Sky Harbor Airport Arrive at 9 AM. Go to Enterprise Rent-a-Car and rent a Jeep Grand Cherokee for $59.99 per a day (Enterprise Rent-a-Car). After you finish renting a car go to the Phoenix Zoo. Go north to Van Buren Street and take that east all the way to Priest Road then take a left going north to get to the zoo. Walk up to the front and get a ticket ($14). The Phoenix Zoo is voted one of the top five zoos for children (Phoenix Zoo). Today you get to be your very own zoo keeper ($300). You get to put on your dirtiest clothes and instead of seeing these exotic creatures from far distances and behind bars, you will now get to be up close and personal! Jobs that go under the heading of zoo keeper are: cleaning and maintenance of the animal habitats, prepare and feed diets, monitor health and well-being of the animals, fill out daily reports, and interpret animals for Zoo guests (Phoenix Zoo). The Phoenix Zoo houses many types of different animals, ranging from the Saharan Lion to the Arizona Jack Rabbit. After 4 hours finish keeping job, and go get lunch at the zoo food stand ($6). After lunch leave the zoo and head for the Desert Botanical Garden. The botanical garden is neighbors with the Phoenix Zoo and is slightly south. The botanical garden is 150 acres and contains more than 4000 different species of cacti, succulents, trees, and flowers. (Stallings 2003, 136). Walk to the gate and buy your ticket ($10). Now I really hope you do not have allergies, because this garden is full with all kinds of plant life, producing thousands of pollen spores. Take a walk around the garden at your own leisure. When ready leave the garden and head to the Hyatt to rent a “preferred view” room ($399). This part of the day is its own adventure at this resort in Scottsdale. Make sure you enjoy one of their three amazing restaurants for dinner ($50).
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Day 1 expenses Lodging ($399), Meals ($56), Admissions ($24), Zoo Keeper ($300) TOTAL --$779 Day 2 Mon., Apr 2, 2007 Phoenix to Flagstaff Wake up at 9AM. Go to the local McDonalds and eat a quick breakfast ($5). When finished eating go to the I-17 and take it north to Flagstaff. On the way up when you reach Camp Verde take the turn off Montezuma Castle Highway. At the end of this road is Montezuma Castle National Monument, cliffs dwellings built by the Sinagua Indians. Montezuma Castle National Monument, is considered one of the Southwest’s best Indian ruins (Albano 1998, 57). Go to the visitor’s center to buy an admissions ticket for Montezuma Castle and Tuzigoot National Monument ($8). Now that you have your ticket you can go and look at the monument. Visitors are not allowed to go inside the dwellings, but they are allowed to look at it from below. With you there, will be a guide to give you a 20 minute tour. After the tour you may go back to the visitor’s center to look around and ask a guide for directions to Montezuma Well, a limestone sinkhole and spring. When ready to leave go back to I-17 and go to US-89A towards Tuzigoot
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Arizona Tourist Paper - Day 1 Sun Apr 1 2007 Arrival at Sky...

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