Biofuels and Tortillas

Biofuels and Tortillas - Richard Haynie Biofuels and...

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Richard Haynie Biofuels and Tortillas Essay #1 Intro- This essay is concerned with the use, mainly of ethanol and tortillas, and their effect on the prices of corn which also translates into higher prices for the products themselves. These issues were brought up in our reading “ Biofuels and Tortillas: A US-Mexican Tale of Chances and Challenges” by Alexandra Spieldoch the Direct of Trade and Global Governance Program at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP). In her paper she discusses the increasing use of ethanol in the US and the pressure this puts on the corn market. The problem is in deciding is the use of a clean and renewable energy worth the trade off of increasing prices in the corn market specifically tortillas. These increasing prices of tortillas have had many consequences in the nation of Mexico. The rest of the essay goes on to discuss the relationship between the US and Mexico, ethanol and tortilla prices, corn farmers, and large tortilla suppliers. Analysis- First let us consider the effects of ethanol. Spieldoch gives these positive points of ethanol in the US: An alternative to more polluting MTBE (gasoline additive); Generating a viable income for farmers that hasn’t existed in decades;
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Biofuels and Tortillas - Richard Haynie Biofuels and...

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