Essay 4 Graded

Essay 4 Graded - Richard Haynie Question #4 "We are...

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Richard Haynie Question #4 “We are not going it right; the whole system has to be re-visited. We are doing more harm than good”   Here Terry Lee is referring to food aid to Kenya such as “Food and Peace” or “program food aid”. Drought is causing a serve need for food, but food aid is arguably crippling the ability of Kenyans to support themselves. One problem with food aid is monetization which damages the economy when implemented, once again if taken out, and causes a dependency on handouts. When Kenya reduced monetization in 1993, the real interest rate shot up to 15-40 percent, the shilling depreciated 85 percent, and the inflation rate jumped from 34 percent to 67 percent (Buffie 1). Monetization may not be directly responsible for these issues but it is important to consider the possibility and look at its economic influence. Once food aid has been implemented it is hard to get ride of. Food aid can be the difference between supplying the nation with food and building infrastructure is the difference between merely supplying and teaching. Instead of supplying the country with food, supplying money and help with building the
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Essay 4 Graded - Richard Haynie Question #4 "We are...

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