Lab2 AC Circuits I (RC)

Lab2 AC Circuits I (RC) - Title: AC Circuits I (RC) Richard...

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Title: AC Circuits I (RC) Richard Madison Haynie Partner: Katie Koehler (All graphs are attached to back) Objective: Learn how to use an oscilloscope and some of the functions on an oscilloscope. Once learning to use an oscilloscope, analyze a voltage divider using the scope by looking at input compared to output. Oscilloscope is then used with a RC circuit to find a time constant. Using the oscilloscope again a differentiator is analyzed to observe how it works and when it works testing with three different wave forms; this is also done for an integrator. Oscilloscope: This part of the lab was to get familiar with using an oscilloscope. The computer software PicoScope was used. With this functions like vertical gain switch, horizontal sweep, trigger controls, frequency, and wave function were tested. AC Voltage Divider: The analysis of the voltage divider with an alternating input voltage will not be much different. This means V Out is still a fraction of V In that is dependent on the size of the resistors. V Out will also alternate in phase with V In . The circuit in figure-1 was built. In this particular circuit 10 1 10 10 2 Out k V V V k k = = Ω + so the expected result is a sine wave for V In and for V Out in phase with V In and with half the amplitude. To test this result the input voltage and output voltage was observed with the oscilloscope. V
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Lab2 AC Circuits I (RC) - Title: AC Circuits I (RC) Richard...

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