Lab5 Diode Circuits

Lab5 Diode Circuits - Title Diode Circuits Richard Madison...

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Title: Diode Circuits Richard Madison Haynie Partner: Ywanne Chen (All graphs are attached to back) Objective: Build several circuits where each has at least one diode. In every circuit study and analyze that effect that the diode has on the circuit, voltage differences, polarity, current gates and other qualities. Also identify useful qualities and aspects of diodes in a circuit. Half-wave Rectifier: The circuit shown in figure-1 was built. A graph of V in and V out is shown in graph-1, this graph is what was expected. The diode will be closed to negative voltage only allowing the positive voltage through. There is also a slight attenuation of .636V because of the approximate .6V voltage drop across the diode. It was noted that V in is greater than the voltage rating of the transformer of 5.1V. This is because the transformer rating is a V rms value. Since this is a sine wave from theory 2 rms peak V V = , this yields V peak =7.212V because our transformer gave an input of V rms =5.1V . From graph-1 the observed V peak =7.186V resulting in a .4% discrepancy from theory. Full-wave Bridge Rectifier: For this part of the experiment the circuit shown in figure-2 was constructed. The graph of just V out is shown in graph-2. For this circuit the output is always positive because the diodes allows the positive peak and rectified negative peaks to pass, which is full-wave rectifier in contrast to the last circuit which only rectified half. The output has a flat 0V between waves however shown
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Lab5 Diode Circuits - Title Diode Circuits Richard Madison...

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