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Lab6 Transistors I

Lab6 Transistors I - Title Transistors I Richard Madison...

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Title: Transistors I Richard Madison Haynie Partner: Jim Charboneau (All graphs are attached to back) Objective: In this lab several circuits using transistors were built. The goal was to observe and analyze the role that a transistor will play in a circuit. In order to do this the way that a transistor functions and operates were observed, then observations were applied to the circuits. Through this several important characteristics of transistors are identified. Transistor Junctions are Diodes: For this part of the experiment a 2N3904 transistor was examined. The transistor look like that in figure-1 and the leads were identified. A DVM was then used with the diode test function. The voltage was recorded for BC and BE which was .700V and .679V respectively. When voltage was measured for CB and EB the DVM overloaded meaning no current was allowed through. This is expected because these junctions should function like diodes and for Silicon diodes the voltage drop across them is approximately 6.5V.
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