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Lab8 Transistors III

Lab8 Transistors III - Title Transistors III Richard...

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Title: Transistors III Richard Madison Haynie Partner: Sean Marshall (All graphs are attached to back) Objective: Construct a common-emitter amplifier and analyze certain aspects of the circuit in particular the voltage gain. An emitter follower buffer is then connected to the output on the common-emitter amplifier then observed it. The last thing observed is a transistor switch hooked with a light bulb. Common-emitter Amplifier: The circuit shown in figure-1 was constructed. The voltage gain for this circuit is given by 10 C C B E V R VoltageGain V R = = - = - . A graph of V in and V out is shown in graph-1 with a voltage gain of -9.03. This gives a discrepancy of 9.68% from theory. The negative sign indicates that the voltages are out 180 o out of phase which is seen on the graph. The quiescent operating point is 8.29V from the graph. From theory the quiescent operating point is given by 5.6 5.6 56 8.06 680 CC BE CC k V V k k V VoltageGain V - Ω + + = using .67V for V BE . The low and high f 3dB
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