Lab10 Op Amp I

Lab10 Op Amp I - Title: Resonance Circuits Richard Madison...

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Title: Resonance Circuits Richard Madison Haynie Partner: Josepsh Scott (All graphs are attached to back) Objective: Operational amplifiers (op amps) have many uses in modern day circuits. One use of an op amp is very high voltage gain and lower output impedance. Most of the time op amps are never used without feedback one reason is any dc offset can blow up because of the high gain. Op amps can be used to invert or stay with non-inverting of the output which is important for negative feedback. Op amps also have two important golden rules, the output attempts to do what is necessary to make the voltage difference between the inputs zero and the inputs draw no current. All of this will be visited and analyzed in this lab. Open-Loop Test Circuit: For this part of the lab the circuit shown in figure-1 was constructed. It was attempted to get zero volts for output but this was extremely hard to do and was not accomplished. The reason for this is the gain for this circuit is approximately 200V/mV. This means for even very small voltages the output blows up. This circuit was non-inverting which was confirmed by our readings. When the input was positive the output was positive and visa-versa. Inverting Amplifier:
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Lab10 Op Amp I - Title: Resonance Circuits Richard Madison...

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