Part #1 Formal Analysis

Part #1 Formal Analysis - R Madison Haynie ARS 102 Dr...

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R. Madison Haynie ARS 102 Dr. Lindsey Pedersen 11/02/06 Part 1: Formal Analysis Manet’s Bar at the Folies-Bergere Art is a very important aspect of humanity. It has shaped and cultivated human beings for ages. The analysis of art is also very important, to understand what the artist wishes to convey, and to gain a better understanding of the subject. Knowing so this paper will continue in the tradition on analyzing art pieces and there meaning. This paper will analyze the piece, Bar at the Folies-Bergere, by Edouard Manet completed in 1881 to1882. This painting is moderately large with dimensions of 37½ inches by 51 inches, and in the medium of oil on canvas. The composition depicts a young lady behind a bar counter starting out toward the viewer. The surface is not very smooth and brush strokes are still visible, influenced by impressionism. Brush strokes give the piece an almost a rough appearance. The colors used are mostly dark. There is heavy use of black, and some dark reds, greens, and
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Part #1 Formal Analysis - R Madison Haynie ARS 102 Dr...

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