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Set A 1 - Richard Madison Haynie PHI 103 Dr. Bolton MWF...

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Richard Madison Haynie ID 993901015 PHI 103 Dr. Bolton MWF 9:40-10:30am 01/29/06 Set A In this paper I will put the following argument in standard logical form and while doing so discuss its validity and soundness: Some arguments with false premises and a true conclusion are not invalid. Some arguments with mood and figure OIO-4 are arguments with false premises and a true conclusion. Some arguments with mood and figure OIO-4 are arguments with true premises and a true                                                                                                                                 conclusion. Some arguments with true premises and a true conclusion are not valid. This argument is a sorites. A sorites is an argument with more then one syllogism. The conclusion of one syllogism becomes a premise in the next, until you arrive at your final syllogism and conclusion. A syllogism is an argument comprised of two premises and a conclusion. This argument is also an enthymeme, since all sorites are. An enthymeme is an argument which is missing either a premise or a conclusion and must be inferred from the argument. Now we should have enough information to analyze. We will address the first syllogism. From the hints, we happen to know that the intermediate conclusion of the argument, which is the conclusion in the first syllogism and then in turn becomes a premise in the second, is: No arguments with false premises and a true conclusion are arguments with true premises and a true conclusion. So we may right the first syllogism as an instance like so:
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Set A 1 - Richard Madison Haynie PHI 103 Dr. Bolton MWF...

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