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Study Guide Exam 3 - Plate Tectonics & Minerals The...

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The study of the processes by which the lithosperic plates move over the asthenosphere What is: Plate Tectonics !!! Earth’s outermost rigid rock layer composed of seven large plates and a few smaller ones What is: Lithosphere!!!!! It is the site where an earthquake begins, often far below the surface. What is: Focus!!!!! When two tectonic plates meet and one plate is forced underneath the other. What is: Subsuction!!!! The overlaying layer of soil and rocks that must be removed before mineral extraction can take place. What is: Overburden!!!!! Environmental Implications of Mineral Use This pollution is caused when sulfuric acid and dangerous dissolved materials such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium wash from mines into nearby lakes and streams. What is: Acid Mine Drainage !!! Approx. 80% of mined ore consists of impurities that become wastes after processing. What is: Tailings !!! The Act of 1977 requires reclamation of areas that were surface mined for coal. What is: Surface mining control and Reclamation Act of 1977.!!!!! What is the main point of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977? What are three harmful environmental effects of mining and processing minerals? What is:Air Pollution from smelting, Water pollution from cyanide, the amount of energy needed, heap leaching, degredation Soil The wearing away or the removal of soil from the land? What is: physical weathering process, soil erosion!!!! A row of trees planted as a wind break to prevent top soil from blowing away is called what? What is: Shelterbelt!!!! The voluntary subsidy program that pays U.S. farmers to stop producing crops on highly erodible farmland is? What is: The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)!!!! Irrigation generally results in this? What is: Salinization, because of high salt and mineral content!!!! The horizontal layers into which many soils are organized from the surface to the underlying parent material answer What is: Soil Horizon!!!! Alfalfa restores soil fertility by fixing which element in the soil? What is: Nitrogen!!! Land and Land Use Ecological simplification in which only one type of plant is cultivated over a large area is known as…What is: monoculture, reduces biodiversity and is susceptible to attack from insects!!!! The use and management of forest ecosystems in an environmentally balanced and enduring way is known as… What is: Sustainable forest management!!!! This type of tree harvesting destroys biological habitats and increases soil erosion on sloping land sometimes degrading land so that reforestation is not possible… What is: clear-cut forest!!! United State, Canada, Russia, Brazil and China What is: Timber producers!!!! Deforestation
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Study Guide Exam 3 - Plate Tectonics & Minerals The...

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