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MCB 2007 September 24th Lecture Notes

MCB 2007 September 24th Lecture Notes - September 24th...

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September 24 th Lecture Notes: Membrane Proteins…continued: Peripheral Membrane proteins are associated indirectly with the bilayer o Lipid-anchored proteins are covalently attached to a special lipid molecule that is integrated into the membrane Example: GPI-anchored proteins (glycophosphatidylinositol), GPI is added to the membrane in the ER and then linked with the protein some proteins have hydrocarbon chains that can simply insert themselves into the lipid bilayer like lipid molecules o The cell surface is coated with carbohydrates. will always face outside the cell to form a sugar coating called the Carohydrate Layer (Glycocalyx), comprised of glycoproteins, proteoglycans, and glycolipids can be as deep as 500 nm, extend the membrane in a way think of the Intestinal Brush border glycoproteins are linked in the Golgi Apparatus and are named based on the carbohydrate frequently act in cell signaling and cell-to-cell interactions N-linked (glycosylated proteins): attached to an asparigine very common in exoplasmic proteins O-linked sugars (acylated proteins) attached with a Serine or Threonine very common in the nuclear envelope and ER, don’t
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