3. The constitution, the federalism, the puplic opinion

3. The constitution, the federalism, the puplic opinion -...

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Constitution: Flaws of the articles of the confederation: - Weak confederate government - Weak national/central government political unstable - No energy in government – would evolve around the legislated body - Great potential for state vs. state conflict - No troops at the national level - No national taxation - No foreign policy – only 13 independent state - No executive power - No judicial authority - Minority veto – even the smallest state had veto - The people had no ratified the articles so there where no political legitimacy. They therefore had to come with a new plan – the constitution Virginia plan The Connecticut compromise The reasons for the constitution: - In order to form a more perfect union to set up a stronger central government, with the states united. So the U.S could be one nation - To established justice – set up a system of laws and courts that would make all people equal under the eyes of the law. - To ensure domestic enquality – peace among the states and prevent Shays rebellion and anarchy - Provide for the common defence – strong national army and navy - To promote general welfare – help provide a higher standard of living through the concept of better government. - To secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and future livings The constitution had to be sold to the American people – through the federal papers that were showed in the newspaper. One of them is Madison’s paper no. 10: - Faction would go so fat that I would deny people their rights. The new charter of constitution should prevent faction - The purpose of government is to control the effect on mans factious tendency on society. o
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3. The constitution, the federalism, the puplic opinion -...

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