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Recommended Homework Problems – Week 9 CE 221 – INTRODUCTION TO TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING Instructor Problem 1. Consider a traffic stream of 1,000 vph consisting of 10% trucks, 3% buses, and 2% RVs moving over rolling terrain. What is the total number of equivalent passenger cars per hour in the traffic stream? Instructor Problem 2. A new suburban facility is being planned. Planners estimate 2,520 vph in the peak direction, rolling terrain, and 10% trucks, 0% buses, 0% RVs. It will be an undivided highway with 6 access points per mile, 12-foto lanes, and 6-foot
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Unformatted text preview: shoulders. The BFFS = 55 mph. How many lanes are needed to provide LOS C? With this number of lanes, what will be the peak period speed and density? Textbook Problem 2.5 volumes, flow rates, average headways Textbook Problem 2.18 space mean speed Textbook Problem 2.32 speed-flow relationships Textbook Problem 2.34 Greenshields model Textbook Problem 2.36 traffic flow, Greenshields Textbook Problem 3.11 freeway capacity analysis Textbook Problem 3.18 queuing Textbook Problem 3.19 incident and queuing analysis...
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