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Recommended_Homework - shoulders The BFFS = 55 mph How many...

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Recommended Homework Problems – Week 9 CE 221 – INTRODUCTION TO TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING Instructor Problem 1. Consider a traffic stream of 1,000 vph consisting of 10% trucks, 3% buses, and 2% RVs moving over rolling terrain. What is the total number of equivalent passenger cars per hour in the traffic stream? Instructor Problem 2. A new suburban facility is being planned. Planners estimate 2,520 vph in the peak direction, rolling terrain, and 10% trucks, 0% buses, 0% RVs. It will be an undivided highway with 6 access points per mile, 12-foto lanes, and 6-foot
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Unformatted text preview: shoulders. The BFFS = 55 mph. How many lanes are needed to provide LOS C? With this number of lanes, what will be the peak period speed and density? Textbook Problem 2.5 – volumes, flow rates, average headways Textbook Problem 2.18 – space mean speed Textbook Problem 2.32 – speed-flow relationships Textbook Problem 2.34 – Greenshield’s model Textbook Problem 2.36 – traffic flow, Greenshield’s Textbook Problem 3.11 – freeway capacity analysis Textbook Problem 3.18 – queuing Textbook Problem 3.19 – incident and queuing analysis...
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