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Psych Notes: Tuesday 4/15 SHORT LECTURE: Debate, Final Paper, Final Exam Final Lab: A Debate! Debate Topic: Happiness is (or is NOT) easily changed Students randomly assigned positions Work together as a team to prepare argument Team grade in part determined by equal debate participation amongst team members Grading: 5% of overall grade Each team assigned team grade People will grade each other too Both teams can get A’s o Degree of participation matters more than debating skill Final Paper Due on the last day of class (May 1 st )-handed in at lecture 4 page/ double-spaced essay on your view of how happiness should be defined, and the key conclusions to be drawn about how individuals should
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Unformatted text preview: structure their lives to maximize happiness (as you define it) • Essay will be graded on the coherence of your argument, the amount of relative evidence you cite for your position, and the clarity and persuasiveness of your writing • Can write in 1 st-person • No works cited needed (don’t need page #’s to cite, just make clear what you are talking about) Final Exam • May 8 2-4 PM • About 50-60% of it will cover final section of material not covered in midterms • About 40-50% on material from first 2 midterms • Same format, about 60% MC, about 40% essay • Can come to office hours to look at previous exams...
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