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march 27 notes

march 27 notes - Psych 201 Notes Cognitive Behavioral...

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Psych 201- Notes 3/27/08 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Approach to Limiting Negative Emotions (and Increasing Positive Ones) - How we react to events affects our emotions o Thoughts > Feelings > Behavior > Physical Response (all affect each other) - Cognitive Behavioral Theory o Approach dating back to 1950s (Albert Ellis, Aarvin Beck) o A distinct break from older psychoanalytic approaches that assumed that psychological problems are based neuroses rooted in childhood o Simple Idea: Emotions are rooted primarily in thoughts Thoughts and behavior are primary in determining emotions By changing (maladaptive) thoughts and behavior, you can change emotions o Example: A person comes to a therapist and says he is depressed because no one likes him and he has no friends Cognitive Intervention: Reality testing. Does everyone hate you? Some people who are friendly to you? (Goal: determine reality of the situation (often times distorted)) Behavioral Intervention: Smile (even if sort of faking it) and be
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