4. Media - participation

4. Media - participation - The public opinion:...

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T he public opinion: International crisis: An international conflict (like 9/11) can change the context for the public opinion – increased sense of patriotism and support to the government: - An international crisis highlight the president as commander in chief and they can therefore benefit from the crisis their overall performance is evaluated on behalf an international crisis - An international crisis can change the standards in which the president is evaluated. 9/11 has given Bush extra support and the context in which he was evaluated change to the more positive. The presidential spectacle : To govern successful presidency has always need public support – know they just have to work harder and the political leaders are more aware of this fact the presidential spectacle The president and the public need each other – reciprocity. The projection of images: To manipulate the public opinion and get public support. Spectacle: A symbolic event – where the character and action is central. Implies a clear division between the actor and the spectator. Doesn’t permit the spectator to interrupt and is therefore not a democratic event. It’s more a wrestling event than a boxing match: The outcome is not in doubt in a presidential spectacle. A growing amount of presidential activity is like the wrestling match, even though politicians also engage in direct matches with other politicians. Mass media : The mass media is not always in thread with the presidential spectacle as well as the mass media can make the spectacle a success – the reporter can choose the perspective of the presidential activity. A president’s character must be appealing: Must appear confident if the presidential spectacle will
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4. Media - participation - The public opinion:...

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