Psychological Disorders Chapter 16

Psychological Disorders Chapter 16 - Psych notes...

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Psych notes November 20, 2007 Psychological Disorders Chapter 16 Psychological disorders are persistently harmful thoughts, feelings, and actions Things that used to be considered disorders aren’t now and vice versa It has to be distressful to the person experiencing it Distressful to other people as well The DSM Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Manic phases can be quite stimulating, enjoyable Gaugin, Van Gogh, other painters have had it You can actually tell which paintings were done before onset of the disorder Clicker question: four paintings, which two were painted before the artist developed bipolar disorder? Results: class evenly split People have used art as a diagnostic tool Happens to men more often than women, 18-24 it hits and fast, very noticeable Why do we study psychological disorders, and why do so many people like it? People are fascinated by the exceptional, the unusual, and the abnormal During various moments, we all feel, think, and act like an abnormal individual 1% of people worldwide are psychopathic 1% of people worldwide are schizophrenic People like to self-diagnose during class…if you’re worried, come talk to him after class Psychological disorders may bring unexplained physical symptoms, irrational fears, and suicidal thoughts Before psychology developed, people had other explanations for disorders Demon possession—Middle ages This led to people being abused, because people thought that if they were possessed it was their own fault Society was able to sort of train the crazy people Egyptians used herbs and such to treat it Trephening One of the most fascinating surgical practices in human history, probably started in the Neolithic Cracked a hole in the person’s skull As many as two thirds of the skulls examined reveal various degrees of healing, which is the evidence for survival May have been done as therapy for headaches, infections as well—relieve Swelling You can buy a trephination kit on ebay Peter Halvorson made a T-shaped incision in his scalp, secured a power drill to his bathroom ceiling and perforated his skull—documentary It’s still done Your brain doesn’t have any sensory nerves, but it does hurt a lot when going through scalp and skull
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A lot of these treatments, including lobotomy, aren’t so good for the person who has it done, but it is good from the community’s perspective because the problem goes away
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Psychological Disorders Chapter 16 - Psych notes...

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