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Crictical Essay - Chinese woman thinks that by being...

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Critical essay I’m a very big fan of Annie Wang. She shed light on some of the issues that other people will not even bother talking about, like the clash between Chinese and American cultures , which is a very important issue . I love her novel “ Peoples Republic of desires” .It was one of it’s own kind , and really showed me the modern China in black and white ,I found some astonishing facts about China after reading that novel. This novel is interesting as well as very amusing to read. This novel goes in detail about the lives of four modern urban professional women, dealing with issues ranging from adultery to high fashion to the corporate ladder and even the inevitable nip/tuck. Wang herself knows the cultural conflict--she is a migratory bird who actively moves back and forth between the East and West. This novel is about desires that can give the modern woman of China the satisfaction that they strive for,
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Unformatted text preview: Chinese woman thinks that by being westernize is being cool, which is totally wrong because one should always keep their identity and their values, and should always be proud of what they belong to. One great thing about this novel is that it provides a great comparison between the ancient and the modern China. It explains very well how ancient Chinese people were proud to be who they are, and other nations use to follow them, but now a days it’s the other way around. I totally agree with the writer, who shows a lot of promise and believes that one day Chinese nation would learn their lesson and would respect their values, like their ancestors use to , and this trend of being would come to halt , and that would really improve China , and would benefit their culture in a lot of ways....
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Crictical Essay - Chinese woman thinks that by being...

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