Seedless vs seed bearing[1]

Seedless vs seed bearing[1] - According to our botany book...

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Seed bearing plants VS Seedless Plants According to our botany book” Two groups of seed plants are the gymnosperms and the angiosperm the flowering plants.” According to the website” Spermatophytes, more commonly known as seed plants, is the family of plant species known to produce seeds. This family contains both angiosperms and gymnosperms. One of the gymnosperms found in this group, gnetae, is believed to have a close relation to the angiosperms.” According to “Seed plants are considered to be some of the most important organisms on Earth. They play a crucial role in the production of many things to both human and animal advantages.” Much of the foods we eat are produced by certain types of seed plants. This includes fruits, vegetables, and grains, which are all vital for a human to maintain being healthy through nutritional satisfaction.
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Unformatted text preview: According to our botany book “there are two main groups of seedless vascular plants: the ferns and the lycophytes.” Seedless plants differ from spermatophytes in that they lack the ability to multiply and produce seeds. The types of plants found in this category include particular species of mosses and ferns. Their ability to thrive is relies on the fact that they are made up of vascular tissue, xylem and phloem which is used for transporting the water and nutrients the plant needs in order to survive. Work Cited 1. 2. 3. %20102%20lectures/Seedless%20Plants/seedless%20plants.htm 4.
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Seedless vs seed bearing[1] - According to our botany book...

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