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Amanda Sparling Essay 4 The predictions made by Epic 2014 and Epic 1015 seem, at first glance, to be dramatically overstated. People exposed to their film, and theories look at it satirically thinking that it was created in a room of paranoid geeks. However, once a person takes a closer look into the film and the theories that the film is presenting it is hard to deny that much of it is not that far stretched of a prophesy. Many of the ideas presented in the film, seem very practical and real today. The merging of large companies and conglomerates who are controlling market places, media, and much more are happening today all across the world. Monopolies are being created and cemented in many different industries as a few businesses and businessmen are making decisions that impact much of the world. People may not be completely aware of the large role massive companies and organizations are playing in their day to day life. However, the effects are staggering. The predictions of Epic 2014 and Epic 2015 show exactly what is taking place
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