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Essay5 - Amanda Sparling Essay 5 We have all heard the...

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Amanda Sparling Essay 5 We have all heard the lectures, complaints, and sermons encouraging us to adhere to a moral standard that strictly warns against internet piracy. This is dictated by authority figures as the 8 th deadly sin of this new age, and the ‘tech savvy’ are being chastised as the new horizon of criminals. The question is, how bad is it really to have file sharing and MP3 downloading websites? Where is the harm in websites that are available for people to download music of popular and up-and-coming artist? The music industry would have you believe that file sharing is the end all to their industry. They say that it is costing countless amounts of money to be lost, and is causing the companies and artists of the industry to be in serious financial trouble. However strong the arguments against the sharing of music over the internet may be, one has to consider the other side of the argument and why the music industry is fighting so hard against it. Ian’s arguments present a good
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