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Media devices infiltrate people’s lives in an extraordinary way. They play a huge role in peoples day-to-day lives, and are play a larger role than most people realize. I would not consider myself to be a huge “gadget” kind of person, where I always have to have all of the latest and greatest devices. However, with that said it is still amazing how many devices I do have and use on a daily basis. I personally have and use daily a desktop P.C., an Apple laptop, a Razor Cell phone, an Ipod nano, my television, DVR, and I'm sure a few other media devices that constantly slip underneath my radar because they are so constantly used. The most surprising part of my above list is that each of these devices is normally used on a daily basis. I begin my morning by checking my email, facebook, and starting Itunes on my desktop. I then grab my cell phone and laptop to head to class and start my day, normally carting my Ipod incase I decide to stop at the SLC or have a period of time throughout the day where I
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