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REVIEW FOR ANTHRO MIDTERM Happy Meal : – a kids’ meal from McDonald’s consisting of a cheeseburger, a side of fries, a cup of soda, and a different toy depending on the child’s sex - A happy meal basically shows what American culture is, what American fast- food is, how Americans eat, how they view and treat different sexes, etc. 4 Fields of Anthropology – four fields are classified as physical, cultural (or ethnology), linguistics and archeology. Cultural Anthropology deals with the way different groups keep societal control, delegate responsibilities and other such learned behaviors. Physical Anthropology studies the way humans have evolved over time and how different environmental and cultural influences affected human evolution. Archeology is the study of things humans have created in the past. Linguistics is the study of how languages are formed, evolve and how culture and language interact with each other. - These divisions have been made because anthropologists cannot be well versed in every single field, so the divisions allow anthropologists to focus on one specific field. They have also been made because there are many different ways to study human behavior. Applied anthropology – anthropology put to use; refers to the application of anthropological data, perspectives, theory, and methods to identify, assess, and solve social problems - Ex: An anthropologist studies child abuse in contemporary Kenya to find causes and solutions to this growing problem. - This field of anthropology basically applies an anthropologist’s data to social problems in the world. Garbage project - done by some anthropologist. she went to a garbage dumping site and dug up stuff from the past and did her anthropology studies based on garbages. The term salvage ethnography is applied here. Cultural relativism - an anthropological approach which proposes that all cultures are of equal value and need to be studied from a neutral point of view so that a particular culture can be understood at its own merits and not another culture’s. When a
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culture is studied, whatever it approves is considered right within that culture and whatever it condemns is wrong. - Some cultures feel that smacking a child is a healthy form of discipline, while others, as ours, view it as a form of unacceptable abuse. - This approach assures that a culture is correctly and adequately studied, and not criticized or deplored for customs which just may not be accepted by another culture. Ethnocentrism – the assumption that one’s own beliefs and practices are normal and indeed natural and others’ beliefs and practices should be evaluated using them - An American would look down upon a French woman for not shaving her underarms. - Ancient Persia regarded itself the center of the world and viewed other nations
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midterm revie22w - REVIEW FOR ANTHRO MIDTERM Happy Meal: a...

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