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astronomy research paper - Astronomy Astronomy is the study...

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Astronomy Astronomy is the study of physical matter in outer space, beginning with anything that exists outside of our own atmosphere. There are many important functions of astronomy in today’s world that create a better understanding of this planet and the rest of the universe. It has been around for centuries and discoveries were made by astronomers who had very few instruments. It has become a bigger industry and the technology has become much more advanced. The quest for knowledge by humans is ever present and never ending. Scientists are now able to conduct studies and launch satellites that help to reveal the unknown in space increase the sophistication of our economy. The importance in understanding such physical mysteries as black holes, dark matter, quasars, and other outer space phenomenon’s, are essential for the expansion of human comprehension. Satellites can take pictures at distances humans could, at present, never travel to. They reveal things about other planets and stars or matter that further the research field in astronomy. Satellites may someday hold the answer to some of the most fundamental questions in astronomy: whether or not other life forms exist or if there is an end to the universe. I plan on doing some stargazing or traveling to a facility such as NASA or Lockheed observe the work environment of an astronomer. For my interviews, I plan on interviewing two NASA employees holding different job titles. One is an actual astronomer and the other works on rockets in the astronomy field. Some could argue that discovering things in space is not beneficial for our society. However, just considering what else could be out there is intellectually stimulating and poses questions that expand our minds. It is human nature to attempt to comprehend and decipher the unfamiliar and astronomy seeks to answer questions about the mysteries beyond our planet. It gives
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astronomy research paper - Astronomy Astronomy is the study...

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