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MIDTERM 2 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 6 – Exploring Inside the Earth (Seismic waves) Mode Conversion P to SV, SV to P -SH does not mode convert Total Internal Reflection Requires a lower velocity to higher velocity medium It is the mechanism by which SH waves are trapped in the crust to form Love Waves Hookes Law – Stress =Strain F= -kx -x is distance the spring has been compressed or stretched -F is the resotring force -k is the bulk modulus -u is shear modulus -Y is young’s modulus Body Waves -P waves travel through liquid, solid, and gas -Earth’s mean density is about 5.5 times that of water -Distance of seismograph stations ranges from 0 to 180 degrees from EQ source -S waves do not go through liquid -incident p wave produces and reflected and refracted p and s wave -Same happens to vertical S wave (SV wave)…P AND SV TURN INTO EACH OTHER -Does not happen for SH waves v P = K + 4 3 μ ρ v S = -SV and SH waves can travel faster or slower than each other -SV and SH are perpendicular to the ray path -P waves are parallel -S waves from teleseism are best observed by horizontal scale. -SH not recorded on vertical, SV not recorded on horizontal Surface Waves -Love waves move ground from side to side in a horizontal plane but at right angles to the direction of propagation. -Arrive before Rayleigh waves -SH waves trapped in low velocity surface layer by total internal refraction -Must be recorded on horizontal seismograph
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EQ_midterm_2_study_guide - MIDTERM 2 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 6...

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