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Study Environmental - 1 Pros of economic development Increases research for environmental protection also as communities develop they tend to

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1. Pros of economic development: Increases research for environmental protection, also as communities develop they tend to become more environmentally aware due to increased environmental propaganda. Cons of economic development: Increases urbanization which in turn increases pollution. Areas being stripped of trees and wildlife in order to build human structures. 2. Developed Countries: high productivity, high income, labor force engaged in mostly service or industrial occupations, even-aged population. Examples U.S, G.B., Japan Developing Countries Slowing population growth, participate in the global market. Examples China, India Deprived Countries Poor, unstable political systems, high infant mortality rate, young population. Examples Sudan, Botswana 3. Subsistence Farming Farming that produces food mainly for the farmers (and family) with little or no surplus for sale or trade. Mostly found in poorer countries.
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