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Matt Zahn Monday Discussion Walnut Way 9/27/07 I don’t think that we can think of our service learning partner agencies as part of ecosystems. In order to be apart of an ecosystem I believe an organism (or in this case an agency) must be able to leave the ecosystem, pass its genes on to the next generation, and have a significant effect on the other organisms around it. My agency, Walnut Way is an agency that is working to improve its neighborhood. Walnut Way only affects itself because it is primarily composed of people from the surrounding neighborhood. Walnut Way’s actions do not have as much of an impact as a predator’s actions have on its prey.
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Unformatted text preview: However, I do believe that a city can be thought of as an ecosystem because of the interactions that occur between different companies, agencies and individuals. Cities having a system of energy transfer can in some ways be related to the energy transfer between organisms in the natural world. Grocery stores and restaurants act as our main energy-generators. The difference is we don’t kill our energy source when we reap its energy. Also in cities we still pass our genes down through our children like in the wild. Unlike the wild, humans are the only species making up the population so...
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