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Empire and the Way of Heaven

Empire and the Way of Heaven - I Empire and the Way of...

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I. Empire and the Way of Heaven 1. Qin dynasty: Why did it fall? Make sure you understand, especially, “The Faults of Qin” by Jia Yi. Know a little about Chen She and Liu Bang’s rebellions against the Qin. Which Qin-era ideas persisted in later dynasties? 2. Han dynasty: Who started it? How did its methods differ from those of the Qin? Were there any similarities? What was the official philosophy of the Han? 3. Theories of government/cosmology/etc.: Know something about Zhong Dongshu’s theories. What was the role of music and rites? What role was the emperor supposed to play? Know a little bit about how time was measured and about the five phases. IV. Neo-Daoism 1. The Learning of the Mysterious: Why did this movement arise? In what ways did it differ from the Daoism of Laozi/Zhuangzi? Who were some of the more important people involved in this movement, and what were their more important ideas? 2. Daoism in art: Calligraphy, landscape painting
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