26 - Geog 100gm 26/11/2007 16:56:00 21/22: Global Los...

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Unformatted text preview: Geog 100gm 26/11/2007 16:56:00 21/22: Global Los Angeles 1. Velvet Painting in Cuidad Juarez Became a major industry outside texas Hawaii, Chicago, and Georgia How the velvet painting connected people from these different cities/places By word of mouth people began wanting these paintings People in Juarez began manufacturing paintings Began selling the paintings for a profit Harden funded a factory in Juarez to solely make the velvet paintings By 1970 there were thousands of people involved in the velvet o Assembly later was started in Mexico o First maquiladoras in the region Represents international production/trade 2. Rise of Network Society Manuel Castelles and Mitchell (City of Bits) Rise of a society dominated by communications and technology Everything is networked (Infobahn) o A highway with the transmission if information o The world is being transformed into an information system brought about by the miniaturization of technology o Space and Place are becoming less important Can talk without ever meeting a person Mitchell Rise of the Laptop o Dear Information Revolution Big change when you dont need to go to work Assumes that you are connected The nature of work is changing and so is the nature of culture Dont need to go out to watch films No more reading (online reports) Large chunks of the world are not connected o There is a new digital divide o Ones that are connected have the power Can be used for good or bad acts Not really any regulation o The electronic agora we log on for conversations (internet is the medium) geography matters less when everyone is connected How/where you were raised used to matter Geocoding doesnt apply in cyberspace Mitchell says the internet allows cross dressing Location is being displaced by bandwidth City of Bits will be the capital of the 21 st century...
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26 - Geog 100gm 26/11/2007 16:56:00 21/22: Global Los...

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