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Valverde 5 Christopher J. Valverde December 7, 2007 English 101 Section 120 Visual Textural Analysis Iona Rozeal Brown was born in Washington D.C. in 1966. He has made many paintings that have been included in group exhibits, and in exhibits displaying only his work. One of the paintings that he has made is entitled “Divine Selektah…Big Up [After Yoshitoshi’s Moon of the Filial Son].” The painting by Brown could be described as a man sitting down with a turn table in front of him, and either the man thinking of or is making music. The man in the painting is of African-American descent, with hair in several braids going the entire place. There is also one big strand of gold wavy lines behind the man in the painting. Through Brown’s painting, the viewer can focus on objects in the painting clearly, while feeling as if they are standing in the footsteps of Brown while he was painting. The overall impact is to get the viewer to identify with the painter and his ideas on race, stereotypes and hip hop. It makes us think about categories we put people into. The techniques used to create these effects are realism, close up, color, and symbols. The design of the painting all depends on how the painter put the painting together can lead to whether a painting is successful or not. One of the main things to consider about the overall design of the painting is amount of content of a painting. If a painter were to include a lot of things in a painting, everything would be cluttered and would be hard to follow to painting as a whole; but if the painting only were to have a
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Valverde 5 couple of main things to focus on, like the painting by Brown, the painting is easier to follow. In Brown’s painting, there are only a couple of main objects, the man, the turn tables, and the wavy lines behind him. It makes the viewer follow the painting and keeps them interested in it. A second thing to look at is the variety of the objects that are incorporated in the painting, such as geometric shapes and textures of the objects. Most of the shapes that are incorporated in the painting are free form, except for the ones that make up the turn tables and the table that sit on top of them. The geometric shapes that make up the turn tables and table are rectangles and a circle for the record to spin on. Everything else on this painting is free form meaning that it not a shape that
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Visual Textual Analysis - Valverde 5 Christopher J....

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