reflection paper - Natalie Elder English 200 28 November...

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Natalie Elder McTaggart 1 English 200 28 November 2007 Audience: Natalie Elder Reflection I have to admit; when my counselor first told me that he was enrolling me in English 200, I thought it sounded a little skeptical. I knew that writing was not the biggest strength of mine, let alone the difficult techniques of persuasive writing. However, enrolling in this course helped me to drastically improve my persuasive writing. Throughout this 16 week writing course, the skills I improved the most where, organization, building credibility, and being able to incorporate audience based reasons in my essays. The reason why persuasive writing is different from other forms of writing is that the purpose is to persuade your audience to believe or side with your claim or idea. Being able to organize your paper I believe is the most essential skill a writer needs to have, and that is the area I improved the most in. Organization makes sure that your arrangement of ideas is logical and easy to follow. This is very important because it enables the reader to follow your argument throughout your paper from the introduction to the conclusion without any confusion. In my first essay for this class, my organization was “average” and was one of the reasons I had to revise. In my introduction I did not make the thesis clear and the reader was a confused throughout my essay on what my main points were. After I went and received help in the writing center, I was able to understand how to revise this essay correctly and I received and “A” in that unit. When it came to the persuasive research unit, my
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ENGL 200 taught by Professor Redington during the Fall '08 term at Kansas State University.

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reflection paper - Natalie Elder English 200 28 November...

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