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Joe McTaggart McTaggart 1 Mrs. Natalie Elder Composition II 13 th November 2007 Audience: The United States Government ANWR: The Largest Untouched Oil Pool The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, composed of more than nineteen million acres in the northern corner of Alaska, is one of the largest and most unique national wildlife systems in the world today. The Arctic Refuge has long been recognized as a place of innate beauty and biological significance. The Arctic Refuge was established to conserve fish and wildlife populations and habitats in their natural diversity, as well as provide an opportunity for natives to continue living the way their ancestors did. The Arctic Refuge also holds around 30 billion barrels of oil, but only 15-25 billion barrels are likely to be recovered if attempted. In 1960, Secretary Seaton designated 8.9 million acres of coastal plain and mountains of northeast Alaska as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to protect its "unique wildlife, wilderness and recreation values" (History). Environmentalists argue that opening up this region of ANWR to future oil drilling would destroy the current ecosystems, disrupt animal habitats and adversely change the lives of the people in these local communities. I would have to disagree; the government should pass a bill to drill these massive oil fields in Alaska. Drilling ANWR would bring this country many benefits. First off, it would dramatically increase the supply of oil and help ease our nation’s long term energy crunch. Secondly, it would lower the demand for foreign crude oil and possibly eliminate the oil crisis with the Middle East. Oil prices
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McTaggart 2 would dramatically drop, which would in turn boost America’s economy. Lastly, Drilling ANWR would not be as environmentally harmful as some people would think. Drilling the Artic National Wildlife Refuge would not be an immediate cure for
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research paper - Joe McTaggart Mrs Natalie Elder...

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