History 152 Syllabus - History 152: Introduction to Western...

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History 152: Introduction to Western Civilization since 1500 Professor Rachel Weil Office Hours: Monday 11:30-1:00 434 McGraw Hall phone: 255-8897 email rjw5@cornell.edu TA: TBA Office Hours: TBA Office:TBA phone:TBA email: TBA
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Surveys the major developments in European history since the Protestant Reformation: religious conflict, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, ideologies of liberalism, nationalism and socialism, Imperialism, Fascism and Communism, the Cold War, decolonization and the emergence of a "new world order." This course aims to fulfill some of the traditional goals of a "great books" course through exposure to major thinkers of the Western tradition: Luther, Hobbes, Locke, Kant, John Stuart Mill, Marx, Primo Levi. Student will also learn to use and interpret a wide range of primary documents by not-so-great thinkers: memoirs, parliamentary debates, propaganda, and even film. Prominent themes in the course are: the experience of violence in historical context, the relationship of Europe to the rest of the world, and problematic nature of European and national identities. Books to Purchase T. Noble, et. al Western Civilization: The Continuing Experiment Volume II: Since 1560 Ernst Jünger, Storm of Steel Primo Levi, Survival in Auschwitz History 152 Course Packet Part I (available now) History 125 Course Packet Part II (available in 3 weeks) Assignments and Grading Two 5-7 page document comparison papers (20% each), due on February 18 & April 21 In-Class Midterm Exam (10%), Friday March 28 Written 2-3 page debate plan, and participation in Great Debate (15%), March 12 Final exam (15%) Attendance and Informed Participation (20%). See below for attendance policy. Attendance Policy: Attendance will be taken at lectures and discussion sections starting
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History 152 Syllabus - History 152: Introduction to Western...

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