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Zoo Animal Welfare - Animal Welfare Act Regulation on sale...

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Animal Welfare Act: Regulation on sale, transportation, and treatment of animals. USDA Oversees showing of animals in zoo etc. Answer Hi James, Another student just asked me a very similar question. I am coping my response to him below. However, I am also adding several links that express cruelty in zoos. http://www.buyhard.fsnet.co.uk/animalcruelty.htm http://www.animalliberation.org.au/zoos.php http://www.bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/zoocheck/activities/spanish-zoo-review/ http://www.bornfree.org.uk/campaigns/zoocheck/activities/romanian-zoos/ ALSO, please report any cruelty that you encounter. You can start with clicking on this link: http://www.peta.org/actioncenter/report-cruelty.asp Previous response: Let me start off by saying that I do not believe we have the right to use any animal for entertainment purposes. Animals do not like to be snatched out of their natural environment and placed in a strange enclosure any less than you or I would. Many animals are abused by the very Zoos who pledge to care for them. Zoos breed animals for horrible animal experiments and to produce babies to attract more visitors so they can increase their profits. When they breed too many animals and create a surplus, zoos are known to kill their own animals, Or worse, they sell them to hunting ranches. Many people believe that Zoos are simply parks where we can go visit animals. This isn’t true. Many zoos use animals for other purposes. I have included 10 facts from the following site: http://www.captiveanimals.org/zoos/zfact1.htm 1. Zoos are known to have supplied animals for use in experiments. In 1990, a zoo research institute was party to experiments on primates and wallabies. An experiment was carried out on marmoset monkeys in which their sense of smell was destroyed using surgical burning and chemical techniques. The object of the research was to discover whether the breeding rates of the monkeys improved. In another experiment, fully conscious wallabies were decapitated. (a) The same research institute has collaborated with companies such as ICI in tests on rats, involving the force feeding of chemicals used in plastics, dyes and explosives to find out about the effect on fertility. (b) In 1992 the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) found that the Longleat Safari Park and Woburn Wild Animal Park were supplying primates to Shamrock GB Limited, the UK's primary supplier of laboratory primates for scientific research. (c) An American zoo that provided animals to a research facility. http://www.stopanimaltests.com/f-CincinnatiZoo.asp
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2. Zoos are known to have supplied animals to the exotic meat industry. One zoo openly sold surplus ostriches to ostrich farms. Another has supplied bison to a farm involved in breeding them for the bison meat trade. 3. Animals from UK zoos have ended up in circuses.
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Zoo Animal Welfare - Animal Welfare Act Regulation on sale...

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