misy160 ch 7 - Chapter 7 The Web-a collection of document,...

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Chapter 7 The Web-a collection of document, image, video, and sound files that can be linked and accessed over the internet using a protocol called HTTP Hypertext-coined by Ted Nelson-describes a computer system that can store literary documents, link them according to logical relationships. And allows readers to comment and annotate what they read Web site-typically contains a collection of related information organized and formatted so it can be accessed using software called a browser Podcast-an audio file that is distributed through downloads or the use of a feed such as RSS or Atom Videocasting-an video file that is distributed thought downloads Web Server-an internet-based computer that accepts requests from browsers Web page-the product or output of one or more web-based files displayed in a format similar to a page in a book Web browser-client software that displays web page elements and handles links between pages Hypertext link-used to access a web by when using a browser URL-a web page’s unique address (ex. http://www.cnn.com ) HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – a set of specifications for creating documents that a browser can display as a web page Markup language-authors make up documents by interesting special instructions that specify how the documents should appear when displayed on a computer screen or printed HTML tags-special instructions that specify how the document should appear when displayed on a computer screen or printed XHTML-the follow up version to HTML-can be extended by adding customized tags DHTML and Ajax-offer tools and techniques for extending basic HTML and making web pages more interactive and media-rich HTML document-similar to a word processing file but has an .html extension – sources of HTML tags HTTP-a protocol that works with TCP/IP to get web resources to your desktop Web resource-any chunk of data that has URL, such as an HTMK document, a graphic, or a sound file Socket-an abstract concept that represents one end of a connection where HTTP exchange takes place Stateless protocol-maintains no record of previous interactions and handles each requested based entirely on information that comes with it
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HHTTP Status code-indicates whether the browser’s request could be fulfilled Helper Application-a program that extends a browser’s ability to work with file formats Plug-in-a type of helper application that can be activated from an <embed> tag inserted in an HTML document Player-any helper application or plug-in that helps a browser display a particular file format Web cache-temporary files stored on your computer from web pages Cookie-a small chunk of data generated by a web server and stored in a text file on your computer’s hard
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misy160 ch 7 - Chapter 7 The Web-a collection of document,...

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