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PA8 - 5 Paraphrasing is avoided in this paragraph 6 He...

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Bryan Simmons English 1101 PA 8 Content Workshop Topic Sentence- All in all, Randall is quite fair in his commentary. 1. The topic sentence states that Randall is fair in his article. This is a statement that others could potentially disagree with. 2. A) The topic encompasses everything discusses in the paragraph. B) The paragraph is focused only around the fairness portion of Randall’s ethical appeal. C) All sentences in this paragraph are related to the topic sentence equally. 3. The topic sentence is very clear and specific. 4.The topic sentence is referencing a portion of Randall’s ethical appeal, which is a large portion of the paper.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Paraphrasing is avoided in this paragraph 6. He establishes common ground by stressing shared experiences…, He demonstrates that the opposing view has some valid points…, He also possesses the humility to be able to admit the flaws in his own argument…. 7. The “facts” show in the quotes are examples of how he performs the maneuver described in the lead in. 8.This paragraph contains all the necessary representative evidence. 9. N/A 10. N/A 11.The reader should gain and understanding of how Randall performs the actions described in the paragraph from the quotations. 12. I have noticed no further breakdowns....
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