PA9 - the apotheosis of human inefficiency.”(Randall 21...

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Bryan Simmons English 1101 PA9 Organizational Workshop All in all, Randall is quite fair in his commentary. He establishes common ground by stressing shared experiences: “These moments, which we have all experienced…” and “I am sure that such texts and problems exist in every subject…” (Randall 21). He demonstrates that the opposing view has some valid points by showing careful consideration of key points of the argument, such as his friend’s comment that “Money could be better spent on professors teaching more immediately useful courses than literature.” (Randall 21). He also possesses the humility to be able to admit the flaws in his own argument. He admits, “After all, teachers, in general, are
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Unformatted text preview: the apotheosis of human inefficiency.” (Randall 21), and that the establishment is “In a word, inefficient.” (Randall 22). Overall, Randall’s ethical appeal is solid and genuine, instilling a feeling of confidence in his abilities and qualifications in the reader. Topic sentence Blue- Shared Experiences Green- Opposing Viewpoints Orange- Flaws Conclusionary sentence 1) To me, it feels like the “Put your most complex point last” schema is being utilized here. I feel that flaws in one’s own argument is the hardest to admit, yet it is done regardless. 2) I feel that the relationship between the points are easily understood as they are....
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